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Automation & Control Engineering, LLC

Professional Electrical Engineering Services - Power distribution and control system design engineering services.  Engineering studies and specifications for a wide range of applications.  Design techniques for radioactive environments and hazardous locations including purging, isolation, and explosion-proof enclosures.  FMEA analysis, electrical noise abatement techniques, energy savings analysis.  Turnkey control systems.

Languages and Software - RSView32, SoftLogix, GML, Factory Link, BASIC, Fortran.  PLC Programming - Allen Bradley PLC5, SLC500, SLC150 Processors, Texas Instruments 565, 530T Processors, Mitsubishi FX, AnS series+ Processors, GE Fanuc 90 series, series1+ Processors, Modicon 184-984 Processors, Square D, PLC Direct Idec and others.  Motion Control - Siemens SIMOTION, Galil, Kollmorgen, Pacific Scientific, Fenner, Compumotor, Emerson, Allen Bradley.

AutoCAD - Production of all drawings required for a given project including electrical schematics, panel layouts, interconnection diagrams, site plans, C&W schedules, conduit arrangement, etc.

Drives and Motors - Selection, integration and specification of Siemens, Yaskawa, Baldor, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley and Kollmorgen drives and AC squirrel cage, AC vector duty, wound rotor, DC, brushless DC and stepper type motors, pneumatics and hydraulics.  Also, “old-school” controls such as Synchro-ties, Amplidynes, M-G sets and constant-potential DC controls commonly found on cranes, bridges and other machinery.

Sensors - Magnetic proximity, photoelectric sensors, radar level detection, LVDTs, RTDs, thermocouples, limit switches, etc.  System Parameters - Mechanical and electrical calculations necessary to define and verify machine design and motor sizing.

Instrumentation - Pressure, flow and temperature transmitters, differential quadrature encoders, tachometers.